SCA 2.2 Core Framework Browser

Who needs the CF Browser?

  • If the Core Framework you purchased doesnít contain a browser or its explorer lacks features

  • If you donít know your Deviceís UUIDs

  • If you need to make sure all your DeviceManagers actually registered with the DomainManager

  • If you want to check out your Core Frameworks published Filesystems


  • Built on TAO Name Service viewer (Naming Service must support list function)

  • Browse DomainManagers, DeviceManagers, Devices, Applications, and more

  • Copy UUIDs to the Windows buffer by highlighting the ID and using CTRL+C

  • Explore mounted FileManagers and FileSystems

  • Call query, runTest, getPort, load, execute, and more

  • Install and create Applications

  • In use Internationally

To Do List

  • Event channel and Log monitors

  • DomainManager register functions

  • DeviceManager register functions

  • DeviceManager getComponentImplementationIds

  • FileManager mount, remove, mkdir, rmdir

  • More File functions

Screen Shots (click thumbnail for full size image in new tab)

Expand SCA objects found in Name Service

Pop-up menus for object's SCA API

View SCA object Attributes and Query items

View contents of FileManagers and FileSystems - double click to view contents of file

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